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RE: bug#25: Acknowledgement (frame parameter menu-bar-lines changes heig

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#25: Acknowledgement (frame parameter menu-bar-lines changes height of frame)
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 08:06:13 -0800

> > Uh, why are we getting such emails?
> You are getting this because I picked one of your outstanding 
> reports to test the bug submission process. I didn't realise
> that it would result in an auto-reply to you, next time I
> will forward an email from my own address rather than
> resending an existing report with original headers intact.

OK. No problem. Thanks for the prompt explanation.

> > And why does it say to submit further info about the bug to
> > "address@hidden, as before." As before?
> Obviously there are problems to be ironed out.


> >  We should continue to be able to sort mails by thread, 
> > sender, etc. in our mail clients, and not have a thread
> > get split into different subjects, addresses, etc.
> I think we're going to have to put up with some breakage of 
> this ideal while we make the transition to the new bug
> reporting system.

OK (for the transition).

> Once the new system is up and running, the prefixes on the
> subject line should be consistent once the bug has hit the
> system.

Consistent is good. Even better is to treat it as a normal mail thread, so
the original message is also in the same stream. IOW, bug sending should
also have the same prefix, whatever it is.

> If we impose requirements like "no changing the subject line"
> on bug reporting tools, we are going to end up with a bug
> tracker that is basically an unsorted mailing list 
> archive that someone needs to go in and fix up by hand.

I don't see why. Why would an automatic system not be able to keep the
subject intact (using whatever prefixing convention it wants, consistently).

I use bug trackers everyday, as I'm sure others do also. I have no problem
with a Web-based system, with or without initial reporting by email. But
there should be one-stop shopping for the complete bug-report history:
everything should be in one thread - either email or on a Web page, and that
one place should also be where you post updates. It should be easy to sort
and search bug reports in different ways. This is nothing new, in general.

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