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RE: patch for Dired second header line info

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: patch for Dired second header line info
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 11:44:19 -0800

>     The tooltip also helps:
>     "Files shown, total files in dir, Kbytes used in dir, 
>     Kbytes available on disk [RET, mouse-2: more info]"
> Each number should have its own tooltip which explains that number
> and not the others.

Sorry; I don't agree. The meanings of the numbers are related (similar), at
least in pairs. Four separate tooltips would be more an annoyance than a
help, because the similarities and differences can't be grasped without a
silly back-and-forth:

420: Number of files and subdirectories currently shown in directory

694: Number of files and subdirectories in directory, including hidden ones

19646: Kbytes used in directory

56456000: Kbytes available (free) on disk

To understand 420 or 694, for instance, you would need to go back and forth
between their tooltips, trying to remember what the non-displayed tooltip
said while reading the displayed one, and comparing them mentally, in order
to grasp the difference.

Two tooltips, for the two pairs, might be reasonable, however.

In any case, change it however you like.

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