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Re: strange code in ediff-hook.el

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: strange code in ediff-hook.el
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 23:26:47 -0500

> Michael Kifer writes:
>  > Sorry, the purify-flag code was not for the menus but for XEmacs.
>  > I need to find out how things are done in XEmacs these days and see if this
>  > code is still needed.
> Unlikely.  XEmacs doesn't have pure space at all any more, and none of
> ediff is dumped, anyway.  Feel free to try removing it, and if there
> are any problems blame me.

I may not have been clear. The purify-flag is used in emacs, and in this
case nothing is done (in the corresponding statement in ediff-hook.el). If
this flag is not set (as in XEmacs), then a bunch of autoloads is defined. If
this code is removed, how will the ediff autoloads get into XEmacs?

>  > >   > > Also is this autoload still needed? 
>  > >   > > 
>  > >   > > ;; This autoload is useless in Emacs because ediff-hook.el is 
> dumped with
>  > >   > > ;; emacs, but it is needed in XEmacs
>  > >   > > ;;;###autoload
>  > >   > > (if (featurep 'xemacs)
>  > I take it back. This was needed for XEmacs when this code was written.
>  > I will find out if this is not necessary any more or if there is a better
>  > way.
> This is required in XEmacs; it is the normal way for a package to hook
> into the menus.

This is what I thought. So, none of this code should be removed.

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