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Re: tool-bar (Carbon port): labels under icons

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: tool-bar (Carbon port): labels under icons
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 23:27:39 +0100

On 5 Apr 2008, at 16:40, Stefan Monnier wrote:

        * tool-bar.el (tool-bar-local-item): Accept string for KEY
        as icon label.

We should add a :caption property to menu-items instead. Using strings
for keys may work, but it's a hack.

In the last patch that I posted here, I've changed that now to use the `item-name' element in an menu-item structure of the form
(menu-item item-name real-binding . item-property-list)
which is usually a string. tool-bar.el now as a backwards-compatible interface to set the labels. One can use a :caption property if using the menu item string is inappropriate for some reason. This works nicely now in the Carbon (the new native tool bar code by Yamamoto Mitsuharu is really nice and allows for high-quality tool bar interactions, especially when PNGs are used for icons). Someone who understands GTK could probably try out switching labels on there, too.

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