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RE: mode-line tooltips for "[" and "]" in recursive-edit

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: mode-line tooltips for "[" and "]" in recursive-edit
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 14:14:13 -0700

> >> Basically it takes the multiline tool tip and join lines to a 
> >> single line until no more lines can be added without exceeding
> >> the frame width.
> >>
> >> The idea is that if you are sofisticated enough to disable 
> >> tool tips, you either know what they say or don't care that
> >> much.
> > 
> > Don't be silly. Disabling tooltip-mode implies nothing 
> > about not wanting to see the tooltip help.
> It does for me.

According to the doc string and the behavior of tooltip-mode, when disabled it
shows the help text in the echo area. That is not a matter of personal
preference or opinion; it is what disabling tooltip-mode _means_.

How do you infer from this definition that users who disable the mode do not
want to see the help text? You might infer that they don't want to see it in a
popup window, but not that they never want to see it.

> >> But the main thing is to avoid minibuffer expansion and shrinkage.
> > 
> > Why is that the main thing? Why is that even a goal?

BTW, I asked that because no reason at all was given. Proposals need reasons.

> Because Emacs didn't do that

Didn't do what? Show the complete text in the echo area? Resize the minibuffer?

> before people started adding long multiline tooltips.

Either (1) those added tooltips should not be so long (so no problem) or (2)
their text deserves to be displayed. Either the longer text has a raison d'etre
or it doesn't. If you think it doesn't, then shorten it.

> Because it is annoying.
> If you donät like it, implement something that satisfies everybody

You're the one proposing a change, not I.

Your proposal truncates the help text for users who choose to see it in the echo
area. That shouldn't be imposed - it could be an option, but users should be
able to get the complete text if they want, no matter which display method is

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