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Re: Who uses "complete word" (aka SPC) in the minibuffer and how/why

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Who uses "complete word" (aka SPC) in the minibuffer and how/why
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:18:01 -0400
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>> I use it with M-x, especially when I want to run a command that is
>> shadowed by a shorter one, e.g. customize-variable (shadowed by
>> customize) and mail-add-payment-async (shadowed by mail-add-payment).
>> At the end of the common part I hit SPC to get completion of the longer
>> command.
>> I could do this with the sequence TAB and '-' too, but that would be one
>> extra keypress.

> Same here, and I like it. I find it smart to use for completion a key
> that is unlikely to make sens as self-insert. And to be honest, - is a
> pain to hit on my keyboard.

So, in any case the "word" part of the completion behavior is not
something which you use?

To make it clear: minibuffer-complete-word has 2 main differences with
1 - if there's no completion, it tries to add a " " or a "-".
2 - it only completes a single word at a time.  E.g.

  M-x fill-region- TAB   => fill-region-as-paragraph
  M-x fill-region- SPC   => fill-region-as-

So you like 1 but you don't seem to be using 2.  Does anyone care about
the part 2 of the behavior of minibuffer-complete-word?

If not, that's great: it's the part that's nasty to implement and I'd be
happy to scrap it (or at least let it fail when it's too difficult to
make it work).


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