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Re: pretest, devel and bug lists

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: pretest, devel and bug lists
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 06:25:19 -0400

     > So we have exactly what you describe, except that bug-gnu-emacs is now
     > the "separate bug-tracker list".

    In other words, not exactly what RMS describes.

I think that is a misunderstanding.  There are two questions here!

1. Whether messages people send to bug-gnu-emacs should generate bug
tracker entries.  (And likewise for emacs-pretest-bug.)

I said nothing about that, but I think that both lists should do so.

2. Whether the bug tracker should send mail to bug-gnu-emacs.

That is the question I was talking about before.
I think it should NOT send any mail to bug-gnu-emacs, or
to emacs-pretest-bug.

    Using emacs-pretest-bug for the bug tracker

"Using" in this context confuses the two questions,
since it fails to distinguish the two kinds of use.
I urge you to avoid that wording.

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