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Re: Mail that shuld not be sent here

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Mail that shuld not be sent here
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 15:24:46 +0900

Richard M Stallman writes:

 > But even most of those people have no reason to be interested in the
 > bug tracker messages for any particular bug.  Usually only the person
 > who reported it and the person who fixes it are interested in the bug
 > tracker status.

That turns out not to be true.  (1) Maintainers are always interested
in the status of all bugs.  There is a difference between committing a
patch and closing the bug.  (2) People who are not really paying
attention to thread because they have a workaround will occasionally
wake up and say "don't close that, you didn't fix/broke my use case."
(3) In an active project there will be a large and growing gap between
total bugs and open bugs.  Seeing the flow of activity allows people
in general to see that work is being done at a reasonable rate,
despite this steady accumulation of open issues.

These cases notwithstanding, I agree that it's a bad idea for
bug-gnu-emacs because Emacs is unlikely to change to a tracker-centric
workflow soon, but it's not as obviously a bad idea as your sweeping
statements would have it.

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