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Re: face-remapping-alist client code

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: face-remapping-alist client code
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 14:54:29 -0400
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>> - the variables `text-scale-mode-lighter',
>> `text-scale-mode-remapping', `text-scale-mode-amount' and
>> `variable-pitch-mode-remapping' would  make more sense as
>> automatically buffer local, as they are always buffer-local'ized when
>> used.

> I somehow got the impression that make-variable-buffer-local was frowned
> upon.  Dunno if it's true.

It's perfectly fine for internal variables.  It's a definite no-no when
you call it on some other package's variable.  And as for variables that
are manipulated by other packages, it may be better to force them to
always use make-local-variable, otherwise they may be surprised if they
`setq' before your package was loaded.

>> - the lighter for variable-pitch-mode is a bit of redundant, isn't
>> it? Either the user has a variable-pitch face different from the
>> default one (and so he doesn't need the reminder in the modeline), or
>> the mode is not going to be useful anyway...

> I think the lighters are actually quite useful.  It's nice to have an
> explicit reminders of active modes as well as implicit (and sometimes
> subtle) ones.

Either I wouldn't see it (fine), or it'd push away some other lighter
(my mode-line is usually full already).


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