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Regarding proc x_make_frame_visible in w32term.c

From: brianjiang
Subject: Regarding proc x_make_frame_visible in w32term.c
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 23:18:46 +0800

I use Emacs mostly in Windows XP. I found one behavior is quite
annoying when I am using emacsclient to open a file.  e.g., the emacs
frame is maximized and then I iconify it into the taskbar, if at this
time I open a file using emacsclient, the emacs frame is restored
to its normal size (not maximized any more). I want to keep the frame
maximized. Many people was bothered by this behavior as I know.
Although I have some tricks to change this behavior by hacking elisp,
I would still like to seek the possibility to change it gracefully.
I check the codes and find the following codes related to it:
w32term.c, proc x_make_frame_visible
/*      my_show_window (f, FRAME_W32_WINDOW (f), f->async_iconified ? SW_RESTORE : SW_SHOW);  */
      my_show_window (f, FRAME_W32_WINDOW (f), SW_SHOWNORMAL);
The line commented is exactly what I want. I wonder why it is
commented out and replaced by "SW_SHOWNORMAL" one. Any consideration for
it? Can we change it back? I cannot find any description about it in
the change log.

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