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Patch to trunk: merge common code in hourglass impl

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Patch to trunk: merge common code in hourglass impl
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 20:05:27 -0400


When I updated the hourglass implementation in the NS (Cocoa) port for the hourglass changes of 2008-03-19 I put some code that was duplicated in {x,mac,w32}fns.c into xdisp.c, leaving only {show,hide}_hourglass functions for the port to implement. Other GUIs could use this common code as well, and here is a patch against trunk to do so.

There are three issues:

- I have tested only the X version.

- Under W32, atimers are not currently used, so the common code cannot be either. If atimers will work under W32, then the patch can be improved to benefit W32 as well.

- Under Mac, the hourglass impl is under #ifdef MAC_OSX. I replicate this constraint in xdisp.c as "#if !defined (MAC_OS) || defined (MAC_OSX)". Hopefully this is correct.

(Patch attached)

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