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Re: Patch to trunk: merge common code in hourglass impl

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Patch to trunk: merge common code in hourglass impl
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 01:53:19 -0400
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> When I updated the hourglass implementation in the NS (Cocoa) port for the
> hourglass changes of 2008-03-19 I put some code that was  duplicated in
> {x,mac,w32}fns.c into xdisp.c, leaving only  {show,hide}_hourglass functions
> for the port to implement.  Other GUIs  could use this common code as well,
> and here is a patch against trunk  to do so.

> There are three issues:

> - I have tested only the X version.

> - Under W32, atimers are not currently used, so the common code cannot be
> either.  If atimers will work under W32, then the patch can be  improved to
> benefit W32 as well.

It would be good to know if the avoidance of atimers was done
on purpose.  Eli?  Jason?

> - Under Mac, the hourglass impl is under #ifdef MAC_OSX.  I replicate this
> constraint in xdisp.c as "#if !defined (MAC_OS) || defined  (MAC_OSX)".
> Hopefully this is correct.

A similar problem exists for the tty-only version.  I think the code
needs to check HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM.

Not sure what's up with the MAC_OS-non-MAC_OSX code.  Now that we do not
support MAC_OS8 any more, MAC_OS-non-MAC_OSX should be impossible (and
since the Carbon code is broken anyway, there's no good reason to worry
about it, really).


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