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Re: Adding parameters to windows

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Adding parameters to windows
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 11:10:04 -0400
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>> - I'd prefer to have `window-parameter' rather than `window-parameters'.

I see you kept window-parameters around.  That's fine, but I'm curious
if there's a particular reason for it.  Has it proved more useful than
window-parameter in some circumtance?

>> - The docstring of set-window-parameter needs to start with a capital
>> letter and end with a "." and should mention its arguments.

You forgot about that one.

>       (make_window):  initialize window_parameters to nil

Extra space after colon, lack of capital afterwards and lack of closing ".".

> +It is a list of elements of the form (PARM . VALUE), where PARM is a symbol.

Actually, nowhere is it enforced or even necessary for PARM to be
a symbol (which is a good thing).
Also better say PARAM than PARM.  We can afford the extra chars after
removing the comment about it being a symbol ;-)

> +  register struct window *w = decode_window (window);
> +  register Lisp_Object old_alist_elt;

> +    /* an alist with parameteres that modifies behaviour of certain window 
> operations.

Lack capitalization.  Don't bother saying "that modifies behaviour of
certain window operations": all the data in "struct window" has this
property, by its very nature.  This also has the added benefit of making
it fit within 80 columns.

> +     */

We usually put this at the end of the last line of the comment rather
than on its own line.

Can someone fix up those things and commit this patch, please?
And add a note to etc/NEWS about it?


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