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Re: jdbc urls

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: jdbc urls
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 22:11:54 -0400
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>>> I have some rusty code lying about for jdbc urls, for
>>> emacs-planner, but that can be changed. I would like to polish the code
>>> and submit it for inclusion, but first some questions:
>>> - Is there something like this already that I didnt notice?
>>> - Should this code go into ffap?
>> Shouldn't it logically go into lisp/url/url-jdbc.el instead?

> That does indeed seem more logical.

> I am new to this area of Emacs. I have always used ffap.
> It appears ffap has it own functions that does similar things as
> url-lib, for instance ffap-url-at-point, and url-get-url-at-point.

Yes, there's some overlap.  Anything that merges them, even partly, is
good.  I.e. you could merge the functionality of ffap-url-at-point into
url-get-url-at-pointand then define ffap-url-at-pointas an
obsolete alias.

> The url lib documentation doesnt seem complete.

Indeed, it isn't.

> I suppose my question is: If I write url-jdbc, how can I make it be
> accepted by ffap? Or is there some other facility that superceedes ffap?

Feel free to make ffap use more of the URL package.
The URL package used to be a separate library, so Emacs packages
couldn't rely on it being available.  But now that it's bundled, there's
no reason to stay away from it.


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