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Re: 23.0.60; emacs-report-bug fails silently

From: tomas
Subject: Re: 23.0.60; emacs-report-bug fails silently
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 14:41:58 +0200
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On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 01:15:59AM -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > Or just not tacitly assume that the machine Emacs is running
> > on is on the 'net (Horrors!).


> A properly configured `sendmail' will handle this just fine, stashing
> the message somewhere so it can be sent later on when the destination
> is reachable.

Actually no. As a counterexample, for my laptop, "the destination" will
never be "reachable" (smtp-wise). I have an smtp running on it because my
distro insists on it and I don't feel like fighting it. I'm sure there
are lots of people aut there with this kind of set-up.

> That's why a properly configured `sendmail' is the right solution.
> Too bad the rest of the world doesn't understand it,


I have some sympathy for this view... good old times of the UNIX
workstation. But nowadays (for the typical GNU/Linux), the end user
just configures her MUA to talk to some external smtp server (at best).
There is some local smtp thingie (exim or postfix) running and collecting
the complaints of some quirky subsystems (e.g. cron) which prefer to
mail their logs instead of logging them. They land on some mailbox
(typically root) and never get read. The Emacs bug report goes there
too. For a long sleep :-)

- -- tomás
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