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Re: tab widths with a remapped default face

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: tab widths with a remapped default face
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 17:08:12 +0900

BTW, I assume the case you're remembering probably has to do with trying
to preserve column alignment across regions which using different faces.

E.g. if the `region' face scales the text by 0.5 and you select some
lines of code, then:

  * Using the global face for tab calculation would roughly preserve
    line-initial indendation (compared to the non-selected text) that
    uses tabs even though the text all shrinks greatly.  Of course,
    non-line-initial column alignments will be completely screwed up,
    and even line-initial indendation will be wrong to the extent it
    uses spaces as well as tabs.

  * Using the tab's face for tab calculation would mean that
    line-initial indentation would shrink along with the text, but would
    remain correct (locally, not compared to the non-selected text).
    Non-line-initial column alignments would remain correct (locally).

I suppose which of these is "correct" can be argued, but personally the
latter seems the least objectionable to me, especially for displaying
source code.


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