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Strange behaviour of toolbar icon (Emacs/AUCTeX)

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Strange behaviour of toolbar icon (Emacs/AUCTeX)
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 17:28:47 +0200
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For the sake of completeness, I want to flag the following facts that
happen on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04 with current
Emacs-23.0.60-trunk+GTK+AUCTeX-11.85 (or AUCTeX-CVS).

Now, If I start with an empty .emacs.desktop, Emacs loads only the
'scratch' and 'Messages' buffers, and the dired icon on the toolbar
shows up as in 'cut_ico.png' image attached, i.e. it looks with a little
cut in one edge.

If now I load a '.tex' file, the Emacs toolbar is changed with
AUCTeX toolbar ('auc_ico.png' images).

After this, switching to 'scratch' buffer or 'Messages' or loading another file which uses Emacs toolbar, then the dired icon looks as in 'ok_ico.png' image, i.e. it seems OK, without the little cut.

If I start Emacs with 'emacs -q' the dired icon is shown always
with a little cut, as in 'cut_ico.png' image, whatever file is loaded.


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