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Re: `split-window-preferred-horizontally'

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: `split-window-preferred-horizontally'
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 00:01:59 +0200
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> why was `split-window-preferred-horizontally' removed?  It did exactly
> what I wanted.  How am i supposed to get the old behavior back? I had
> (setq split-window-preferred-function
>       #'(lambda (window)
>           (when (>= (frame-width) 160)
>               (split-window-preferred-horizontally window))))
> In my ~/.emacs. Right now I'm trying

I don't quite understand why you're using `frame-width' here.  It hardly
seems to DTRT when WINDOW is not full-width.  Can you try with

(setq split-window-preferred-function
      #'(lambda (window)
          (if (>= (window-width window) 60)
              (split-window window nil t)
            (split-window window))))

> Right now I'm trying
> (setq split-window-preferred-function 'sensibly)
> But it behaves pretty weird.  E.g  in a huge frame split once
> horizontally `iswitchb-buffer-other-window' chooses the same window, as
> does C-h k (IMHO these are bugs).

I'm afraid the default value of `split-width-threshold' is too large for
you.  Please try with a smaller value and tell me whether it still
behaves weirdly.  I yet have to find a solution how "sensibly" should
behave.  Can you suggest one?

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