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Re: Preprocessor defines in MS-Windows build

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Preprocessor defines in MS-Windows build
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 23:09:58 -0400
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>> Ideally src/config.h, no (tho maybe it's more difficult)?
> You mean, nt/config.nt (that is copied into src/config.h), right?

I guess so.

> Why is that better, btw?

I just assume that the closer it is to the way other builds work
(i.e. autoconf in this case) the better.

>> >  HAVE_NTGUI          -- can be replaced with WINDOWSNT, since the W32
>> >                         build doesn't use any other GUI
>> Don't we support W32 builds without GUI?
> No, not AFAIK.  The produced binary can be run with the -nw switch,
> but it has GUI support built in.

I see.  But keeping a separate HAVE_NTGUI still makes sense in case we
want to allow non-GUI builds (or in case we ever want to provide an X11
version of the W32 build).  It's not important to keep the distinction,
but I don't see much benefit in getting rid of rid.

>> > Does someone know anything that contradicts the above?  If not, I
>> > think we should remove those defines that are not needed anymore, and
>> > put those which are needed in ms-w32.h.
>> Sounds fine to me,
> Thanks for the feedback.

My pleasure,


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