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RE: case-insensitive if no insensitive dups?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: case-insensitive if no insensitive dups?
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 17:01:22 -0700

I said:

> The performance in the conservative case would be better, 
> because the test would only be made once (using all domain
> candidates); it wouldn't be updated for each character you
> type (or when you hit `TAB', if there is no incremental
> completion).
> On the other hand, if the first few characters were allowed 
> to be typed before making any test, and if your input were
> used in the test, then performance would be improved, due
> to the smaller search space.
> To me, that would probably be the way to go: have either a 
> minimum number of chars (e.g. 1) or a tiny delay, after
> which your input would be matched against the candidates
> to see whether or not matching could be insensitive.

Sorry, for this part I was thinking of incremental completion, as in Icicles.
With vanilla Emacs completion, this would be under user control via TAB: wait
until s?he hits TAB to perform the test.

My remarks about min chars and a delay are pertinent for vanilla Emacs only in
the context of incremental matching, such as in incremental search. They don't
apply to completion. 

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