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Re: Ntemacs chooses wrong font.

From: Kevin Yu
Subject: Re: Ntemacs chooses wrong font.
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:09:43 +0800

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 7:50 PM, Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> wrote:
In article <address@hidden>, "Kevin Yu" <address@hidden> writes:

> > > Emacs displays the font family name as:"\320\302\313\316\314\345"
> >
> > This is a bug, but it should at least be consistent, as there is no
> > encoding in either direction.

I currently explicitly generate a unibyte string for font
names just to avoid the font name encoding problem until the
font-backend codes gets stable.

> Here's my font related configuration

> (set-language-environment "chinese-gb18030")
> (set-frame-font "Monaco-10")
> (set-fontset-font (frame-parameter nil 'font)
>           'han '("Microsoft Yahei"."unicode-bmp"))
> (set-fontset-font (frame-parameter nil 'font)
>           'symbol '("Microsoft Yahei"."unicode-bmp"))
> (set-fontset-font (frame-parameter nil 'font)
>           'cjk-misc '("Microsoft Yahei"."unicode-bmp"))
> (set-fontset-font (frame-parameter nil 'font)
>           'bopomofo '("Microsoft Yahei"."unicode-bmp"))

Emacs at first checks if a charater is supported by the
frame font (here "Monaco-10") to avoid unnecessary looking
up of fontset table .  If supported, the frame font is used.
And, in your case, the font backend on Windows says that the
frame font supports it.  That is the problem.
Why does the backend say the frame font support the Chinese charset?
Is it a bug of Windows font backend or a bug of "Monaco" font?
I have tried to use "Courier New", but emacs can't choose the right font for Chinese either.

> if I open a existed file with Chinese characters, everything goes well.

It seems that you saved the file with some of legacy
encoding (e.g. euc-cn, big5).  On reading such a file, Emacs
adds a charset text-property (e.g. chinese-gb2312, big5),
and if a character has such a property, Emacs doesn't try
the frame font, but does a normal fontset looking up
(because `charset' information may change the priority of
fonts).  So, your fontset setting above takes effect.

Perhaps, we should not try the frame font for a certain
group of charcters (e.g. han, indic, ??).

Kenichi Handa

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