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Inaccuracies in descriptions of mailing lists

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Inaccuracies in descriptions of mailing lists
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 03:24:17 -0400
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I think there are some inaccuracies in the descriptions of Emacs's
mailing lists. Can someone here fix them?


  References to address@hidden are out of date and should be
  removed.  This list does not receive info-gnu-emacs messages.


  This list is not gated to comp.emacs.


  This list is not gated to comp.emacs, and I imagine
  address@hidden is rather out of date.

  Personally I think this list should just be removed, since it gets
  so little traffic. Announcements should go to the general
  announcements list address@hidden and to emacs-help.


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