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RE: Face remapping on mouse menu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Face remapping on mouse menu
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 08:14:25 -0700

> Currently, shift-down-mouse-1 pops up a menu that lets the 
> user choose a different font to apply to the current frame.
> This doesn't seem like a very useful operation for a mouse binding.


> Also, the choices aren't very suitable when fontconfig is in use; the
> menu consists of a pre-generated list of non-fontconfig fonts
> (x-fixed-font-alist) plus whichever fontconfig fonts happen 
> to be loaded (generate-fontset-menu).

Can you please separate that from the first topic (separate thread)?

On Windows, doesn't S(-down)-mouse-1 still call up the Windows Font dialog box?
How is that related to this "fontconfig" change? Note: I know nothing about

> Now that the face-remapping code has been checked in, I'd suggest
> changing this menu to a "buffer faces" menu.  It should contain a few
> items that remap the `default' face in the current buffer: an item to
> increase the face size, an item to decrease the face size, and an item
> to change the face font.  When fontconfig is available, the latter can
> use x-popup-dialog to pop up the GTK font selector, instead of relying
> on x-fixed-font-alist.

I don't really follow it, frankly, perhaps because I'm not very familiar with
the face-remapping code.

Are you suggesting to replace the dialog to choose a font for the current frame
by a dialog to choose a font for the current buffer? Is that essentially what
you are suggesting?

Can you please describe the changes you propose more concretely? What bindings
for what menus, what changes to the existing menus, reasons, etc.

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