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RE: Subject of closure notifications sent to submitters [Re: bug#119ackn

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Subject of closure notifications sent to submitters [Re: bug#119acknowledged by developer (Closing fixed bugs)]
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:48:21 -0700

> > Please add the original Subject to the Subject line. We shouldn't
> > have to open the mail and search its body to find what bug #119 is
> > (in this case, "modify-frame-parameters in Emacs 23 for fonts".
> > 
> > The status "acknowledged by developer (Closing fixed bugs)" 
> > is not needed in the
> > Subject line. What is needed is the original Subject.
> No, what is needed in the subject line is an informative message which
> tells you why the bug has been closed. Using close with the control
> interface should not be done unless you've already sent a mail to the
> bug submitter explaining that their bug has been closed.
> The subject contains the subject of the message that actually caused
> the bug to be closed, and explains what the message that it is sending
> you is about, which it did.

Well, what can I say? Such a subject line is useless to me. The only connection
it shows with the bug I filed is the bug number, and that is not the most
helpful for finding the thread of messages, including the original, that involve
the bug.

The status might be the most important thing to you, but to me, the most
important thing to see in the Subject line is, well, the original subject.

Guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about this one.

FWIW, any bug tracking system I've ever used sends mails that keep the original
bug title intact as the subject. Even when the original title does not
accurately describe the bug, it is kept (along with the bug number) as the bug
identifier, and that identifier is used in the Subject of all mails concerning
the bug.

Also, please at least add a link in the mail body to the original bug report in
a threaded list on a Web page. We should be able to just click a link in any
mail regarding a particular bug to get to the complete thread.

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