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Re: Lost antialias?

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Lost antialias?
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 15:01:13 +0200
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Kenichi Handa ha scritto:
In article <address@hidden>, Angelo Graziosi <address@hidden> writes:

The following happens on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04.
Curent trunk (a few minutes ago) looks to have lost the antialias. Now
Emacs appears horrible. The build I did less than 24 hours ago looks very fine.

Perhaps it's because of my change, but by just "horrible", I
don't know what's going on.  At least, in my environment,
xft backend works well with antialias.

Please start Emacs as this:

% EMACS_FONT_LOG=1 emacs -Q

and show me the *Help* buffer made by M-x font-show-log RET.

Sorry but 'font-show-log' seems do not exist! only font-lock...

And, also show me the result of C-u C-x = on a normal ASCII

C-u C-x = a  prints 'a' etc..

It seems that there is some problem with 'DejaVu Sans Mono-12' font and friends (BitStream Vera Sans Mono).

Usually I start Emacs:

$ emacs23 --font "DejaVu Sans Mono-12" &

and this gives the 'horrible' (i.e. the characters appear not smoothed) look.

Instead if I use "Monospace-12"

$ emacs23 --font "Monospace-12" &

the result is identical to that obtained until 24 hours ago with 'DejaVu...', i.e. very fine.

I did the build:

${source_dir}/configure --prefix=${prefix_dir}
make bootstrap


PS: May someone explain why when I attach PNG images the email bounces from emacs-devel? I did this some month ago and it worked.

Kenichi Handa

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