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Re: Stak dump with tar.[bz2/gz] files (Cygwin)

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Stak dump with tar.[bz2/gz] files (Cygwin)
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:45:23 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii ha scritto:

once you are inside GDB, but _before_ the "run -Q"

 (gdb) handle all print

It prints a long list like this:

(gdb) handle all print
Signal        Stop      Print   Pass to program Description
SIGHUP        Yes       Yes     Yes             Hangup
SIGQUIT       Yes       Yes     Yes             Quit
SIGILL        Yes       Yes     Yes             Illegal instruction
SIGABRT       Yes       Yes     Yes             Aborted
SIGEMT        Yes       Yes     Yes             Emulation trap
SIGFPE        Yes       Yes     Yes             Arithmetic exception
SIGKILL       Yes       Yes     Yes             Killed
SIGBUS        Yes       Yes     Yes             Bus error
SIGSEGV       Yes       Yes     Yes             Segmentation fault
SIGSYS        Yes       Yes     Yes             Bad system call

the rest as before.

Also, I think the two new threads above are spawned to handle the
signal.  Maybe you can set a breakpoint in open_stackdumpfile, and
then, when that breakpoint is hit, see where the main thread caught
the signal.

Where is open_stackdumpfile? I think it belongs to Cygwin sources...

GNU gdb (cygwin-special)

If the above doesn't help, perhaps try using a stable release of GDB
instead of a CVS snapshot, to avoid being hit by some regression
introduced into the development code.

That is the official version which comes with Cygwin, not my choose...


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