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Re: Bazaar migration strategy?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bazaar migration strategy?
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:33:24 -0400
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> So what is the plan and is anybody working on anything?  It does not
> look like anything but private repo imports exist, there is no official
> mirror and certainly no official read/write access and Savannah does not
> support Bazaar anyway at the moment.

Here's the state of affairs:
- We have Jason Earl's read-only mirror, kept up-to-date every hour or so.
- I use it all the time to maintain my local branch in sync with
  the trunk.
- The Emacs.app branch (hosted on savannah) uses it as well to stay in
  sync with the trunk.

Performance of day-to-day operations nowadays seems acceptable to me.
It's not fast, but it's not significantly worse than CVS.  From what
I hear checking out the whole tree (which you hopefully only ever need
to do once) is still pretty slow.  Also some remote commits (aka "push")
to the savannah branch can be slow.

So the main remaining problem is to have a *good* mirror from which to
start: Jason's mirror is functional, but lacks all the merge history as
well as the file-renames history.  The merge history is present in the
Git mirror and from what I heard, Jason is working on a new Bazaar
mirror based on the Git mirror to solve this problem.  As far as the
file-renames is concerned, I haven't heard of any plan to solve this
issue yet.

Jason, can you comment on the current status of your work?


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