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Re: font-related hanging / general brokenness

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: font-related hanging / general brokenness
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 14:35:25 +0900
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In article <address@hidden>, Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> However the font-selection brokenness described in my previous is still
> present to some degree:

>    (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Dejavu Sans Mono")

> fails, but:

I can't reproduce it.

After starting Emacs, please do:

  ESC : (setq font-log nil) RET
  ESC : (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Dejavu Sans Mono")
  M-x font-show-log RET

and show me the result.

>    (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Dejavu Sans Mono" :foundry 
> "dejavu")

> works, but uses the ugly non-antialiased verison of dejavu-sans-mono.

>    (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Dejavu Sans Mono" :foundry 
> "unknown")

> also works, and uses the anti-aliased version of dejavu-sans-mono.

It seems that you can use that font only via X font-backend.

> BTW, one possible way to make :foundry work better might be to be _very_
> relaxed about matching with it:  First try matching including the face's
> :foundry, and if that returns "no match", then try matching agains with
> :foundy "*".

The current code is doing that already (see
font_find_for_lface in font.c).  So, I think the reason why
(set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Dejavu Sans Mono")
doesn't work for you is in the different place.

Kenichi Handa

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