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Re: Lost antialias?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Lost antialias?
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 00:22:30 -0400
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>>> What font should we use for variable-pitch?  Bitstream Vera Sans?
>> I'd put "Sans-Serif" first, so as to re-use fontconfig's default.
>> Similarly for fixed-pitch (not sure if that's "mono" or "monospace" or
>> what).

> Fontconfig's generic handling seems aimed more at finding something
> "usable" rather than something "good", and the ordering seems almost
> random (Bitstream Vera comes before Dejavu, even though the latter is
> more or less a better version of the former, and on my system "Sans
> Serif" resolves to "Kochi Gothic", apparently simply because I have that
> installed).

Hmm... so what do other apps use?  I think we should aim to use whatever
other applications use by default, since there's a better chance that
this has been correctly setup (and if not, at least we won't be worse
than those other apps and we can just say "sorry, not our fault").

E.g. what does Firefox use?  (or Vim ;-)?


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