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Re: Lost antialias?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Lost antialias?
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 14:08:51 -0400
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>> Maybe it would be also useful to support something like web-browsers
>> use, where you could specify a "family" of "Dejavu Sans,Helvetica,Sans",
>> and it would split the list at the commas and use the first one it could
>> find.

> This is a good idea in general, but for the problem of
> "variable-pitch" and "fixed-pitch", I think using "sans" and
> "mono" are better.

As mentioned, you don't have to say "but" because using
face-font-family-alternatives gets us *exactly* the above.
So, could someone change the fixed-pitch and variable-pitch faces and
face-font-family-alternatives accordingly to use (as first choice) the
most generic corresponding fontconfig name.

BTW, I'm not sure what are the official generic fontconfig names: my
/etc/fonts config files seems to say that "sans" and "mono" are
deprecated and should be replaced by "sans-serif" and "monospace".


PS: Curiously, it seems that the serif/sans distinction is not taken
very seriously for monospace fonts, since I don't see any "mono-sans" or
"mono-serif" in fontconfig, and indeed our own face-font-family-alternatives
puts together "courier" and "fixed".

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