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Re: More problems building Emacs-trunk on Cygwin

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: More problems building Emacs-trunk on Cygwin
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 14:28:17 -0400
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> What happens now?

> When I adopt the strategy 1.,2.,3., not only I should increase

> $ grep "heap usage" build-emacs-only_make.log
> Static heap usage: 22201288 of 23068672 bytes
> Static heap usage: 19252168 of 23068672 bytes

The "new" makefile structure *needs* to build a bootstrap-emacs, even if
the *.elc files are already provided.  Since you're already using an
ugly hack, you may want to just make it a bit uglier and do a
"touch src/witness-emacs" which will tell the makefiles that the
bootstrap-emacs has already been built.

Not knowing what this "static heap usage" is about, I'm not sure what
is The Right Way to solve the underlying problem.


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