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Re: Display-based word wrapping

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Display-based word wrapping
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:29:59 -0400
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> To the problem of how to treat truncate-partial-window-width once
> word-wrapping is available as a third option for long lines (the first
> two options being line truncation and simple line continuation).

I see no problem here:

   truncate-partial-width-windows is a variable defined in `C source code'.
   Its value is t
   *Non-nil means truncate lines in all windows less than full frame wide.
   Nil means to respect the value of `truncate-lines'.
   You can customize this variable.

The current docstring works just fine if we extend the semantics of
truncate-lines.  Nowhere does it say "takes the same kind of values as

My suggestion was trying to address the fact the above docstring seems
to assume that "frame wide" windows are somewhat special, whereas with
200x80 frames, you may want to consider an 80x80 window as being "large
enough" to not require truncation.


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