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Re: Embedding Html in Lisp

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: Re: Embedding Html in Lisp
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 18:34:59 -0700
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A Soare wrote:

PS: for the rest of the message I will answer you later or tomorrow.

Take it easy on the emacs-devel list.

Part of what I've been hinting at is that there's a balance
here.  Three hands:

On the first hand, you're rediscovering, not discovering.
Worth rediscovering and that's the best way to come to
understand it but...

On the second hand, you say you're building stuff: that's
to be encouraged, not discouraged.   You are encouraged.
You are encouraged. You are encouraged.
On the third hand, this thread doesn't help much getting
the next version of Emacs out the door.

I think it is not so ridiculous to say that TTN, me, and now
Stephen are a little bit in "sitting around the campfire mode
swapping BS mode" with the three above pts in mind. Might be time to turn in for the night on this one.
Sleep on it, so to speak.


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