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Re: Building Emacs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Building Emacs
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 21:37:57 -0400
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> Maybe it has something to do with using a separate build directory
> (~/emacs/build/) to the source (~/emacs/src)

It could very well be: I never used a separate build directory, so
I don't know what goes where and what can be assumed to be where, so
whenever I touch the Makefiles, I tend to introduce problems in
this area.
The fact that the Makefiles seem to contain somewhere around 0 bytes of
comments about this doesn't help, of course.

>> >> and it insists on generating autoloads for all files in the
>> >> lisp directory.
>> > That was also the case in the past, except that your recipe simply never
>> > updated the loaddefs.el file.
> I'm not sure what you're saying but I'm saying the behaviour appears to have
> changed.

No doubt, it has changed.

>> >> Is there a way to get the old behaviour.  It left problems from
>> >> time to time but I could generally see how to fix them.
>> > How 'bout adding "no-autoloads" annotations to the files you don't
>> > want autoloaded?
> I could do but it's more inconvenient than my previous method.

What can i say: the Makefile is designed to build Emacs, not some local
derivative.  This said, I have my own local derivative with about
1MB's worth of changes, and I never needed to silence autoloads, so
I find your situation rather odd.  Of course, you can also hack your
local derivative to use different Makefile rules ;-)


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