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Re: Rmail-mbox branch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Rmail-mbox branch
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:03:46 -0400
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> In any case, to head off more branch and merge grief, right now I'm
> considering taking an approach of doing a minimalist clone of the mbox
> code to my CVS trunk based workspace and call it Pmail for lack of a
> better name.  The goal is to allow me to work on both Rmail/babyl and
> Rmail/mbox simultaneously.  It might seem like more work but I have a
> strong hunch that being able to work on both versions side by side
> will help increase the chance that this project will actually get
> done.

You mean you want to replace the branch by combining both features so
they coexist in the same branch (e.g. in the trunk)?

That sounds like a good plan.  Even better if you can avoid duplicating
files, using (if rmail-mbox <somecode> <othercode>) where
necessary instead.

As long as the BABYL code is not broken before the mbox code works, and
as long as there is clear understanding that we *will* finish the mbox
support, you could even install this code on the trunk so people can
test it just by (setq rmail-mbox t).


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