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Re: composed characters question and suggestions for quail-cyrillic-*

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: composed characters question and suggestions for quail-cyrillic-*
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 22:52:11 +0300
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> I figured out how to do it (with a vector, e.g. ["full string"] is the
> mapping).
> All the changes we've discussed are now in cyrillic-translit.

Thanks!  I have a few comments:

1. Could you also add rules to input vowels with the combining acute
accent like you did for the combining grave accent, i.e. could you add
("a'" ["а́"]) and other vowels with the primary stress?

2. There are now two conflicting rules: ("E`" ["Ѐ"]) and ("E`" ?Э).

3. I just realized that we could leave the rule ("'" ?ь), because
it has no conflict with ("a'" ["а́"]).  The letter `ь' is never used
after a vowel.

4. Please swap the mappings between ("/``" ?”) and ("/''" ?“),
and also between ("/'" ?‘) and ("/`" ?’), because usually backquotes
are used for left quotation marks, and apostrophes are used for right
quotation marks.

5. Something is wrong with encoding of small roman numeral 1-10.
Maybe we should recode cyrillic.el from iso-2022-7bit to utf-8
to avoid these problems?

> When Handa-san commits his multiple input method support, I'll split
> rules into multiple methods as we discussed.

I tried the patch that Handa-san submitted in 2007, and it works well
(with only one change of removing unnecessary `nreverse').  So I think
we should now design a good UI to use multiple input method support.

Juri Linkov

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