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Re: ^M in the info files

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: ^M in the info files
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:47:49 +0300
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> I'm not talking about what Emacs does but about what the Info format
> "specifies".  IIUC the Info format is always ASCII unless explicitly
> specified by a conding: tag.  Of course, you can have an Info file
> without a coding: tag that uses non-ASCII chars in some encoding, but
> IIUC this has never been considered as valid (from TeXinfo's point
> of view).

Yes, it seems the default coding for Info files is supposed to be
US-ASCII unless overridden by @documentencoding.

>>>> And, for instance, faq.texi has @today{} directive, and it
>>>> seems that makeinfo generates a date string according to the
>>>> current locale (and thus results in non-ASCII characters).
>>> Isn't that a bug in makeinfo?
>> IIUC, this is an intentional feature.  But we could run it with e.g.
>> `LANG=C makeinfo' in Makefiles.
> What happens if your TeXinfo file specifies a latin-1 encoding and your
> date is output in utf-8 because of your locale, then?

Then the result of @today is displayed as garbage.

But we can adjust Makefile to use the correct LANG for every Info manual
that specifies a non-default @documentencoding.

Juri Linkov

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