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Re: line-line-move-visual: was line motion problem

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: line-line-move-visual: was line motion problem
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 11:21:55 -0400
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>> I don't know how many people actually want them in visual-line-mode
>> (I'd like a fringe item at a hard newline, but until this is
>> implemented the next best thing is a display-table element for \n).

> We could leave the continuation glyphs, but make them less conspicuous.

For a mode that expects most lines to be wrapped, I see not point in
leaving continuation marks.

> To mark hard newlines, try the code below.   I suggest to include this.

>  ;; 2230 = \x8B6
> (defvar show-newlines-newline-code (vector (make-glyph-code 2230
> blank-newline) 10))

[ Too long a line, huh? ]

My font doesn't seem to know the char 2230, and UnicodeData.txt doesn't
seem to know that char either.  So we should probably use something else.

>  (if show-newlines-mode
>      (aset buffer-display-table 10 show-newlines-newline-code)
>    (aset buffer-display-table 10 nil)))

Better write it as:

 (aset buffer-display-table 10
       (if show-newlines-mode show-newlines-newline-code))

-- Stefan

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