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Re: Debian's idiosyncratic complexification of Emacs

From: Michael Olson
Subject: Re: Debian's idiosyncratic complexification of Emacs
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 22:13:11 -0700
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> Incidentally, while on the issue of debian emacs startup, I have the
> following snippet in my .emacs file for hooking my non-debian emacs
> into the debian emacs package system:
>    ;; Debian stuff
>    (unless (boundp 'debian-emacs-flavor)
>      (load "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/debian-startup")
>      (debian-startup 'emacs22)
>      (debian-startup 'emacs22))
> ["emacs22" because there is no emacs23 in debian yet]

Here's my setup.  The first attachment is a script to run in the emacs
source directory as root after doing "./configure ; make".  It depends
on a fake emacs-snapshot package built using equivs.

The second attachment is an init file that handles all the Debian stuff,
including a rewrite of `debian-run-directories' to make its
modifications to load-path less intrusive.

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