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Re: VMS support

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: VMS support
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:59:52 -0400
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> a/ I received a clarification about the nuances between
>    "disclaiming interest" and "copyright assignment" from the FSF
>    copyright clerk (thanks!), which can be summed up (IIUC) as:
>    Richard Levitte's code is ok to use, if i copyright the
>    (extensive) changes i've made to it, since i myself have done
>    the past/future assignment.


> b/ I have a soft spot for VMS, though that spot shrinks w/ time.
>    If i can finangle a $ituation to provide a port of Emacs 22 (or
>    Emacs 23, once it settles), i will do it, otherwise no.

The only meaningful merge in my mind is a merge with CVS trunk, not with
some previous released version of the code, otherwise you'll always have
to play catch up.

> I say go ahead and zonk the VMS support.  If someone funds another
> port (by me or whoever), previous source can always be re-dredged
> and previous "expertise" can always be re-fudged. :-D

OK, so we should get rid of the VMS code in one clean commit with a CVS
tag before and another after.  I think it's important for this commit to
be as clean as possible (i.e. it really removes all the VMS related
code and text), so that there won't be some future changes that remove
a bit more of the VMS support: this way the CVS tags will faithfully
include all the relevant code (and text).

I guess we should do the same for the Carbon port since it also seems
that nobody is interested in updating&maintaining it.


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