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dired-details status [was: isearch in Dired]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: dired-details status [was: isearch in Dired]
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 10:31:14 -0700

> > Sounds like a fair amount of specialization of Isearch, 
> > just for Dired...
> Obviously, this is not just for dired.  This is to add a toggle for
> word-search, and also for other specialized search facilities, such as
> provided in hexl-mode maybe.  Also by using a prefix key for M-c and
> M-r, this will free up a key binding.

As I said:

> (I'm not necessarily against also adapting Isearch for Dired. 
> This was mainly a question about what happened to the
> dired-details stuff.)

Any news on that?
Was it added? If not, could you please add it?

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