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Display the cjk ext b characters using precompiled Emacs-23-CvsP080630-E

From: hongyi.zhao
Subject: Display the cjk ext b characters using precompiled Emacs-23-CvsP080630-EmacsW32-1.58.
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:54:26 +0800

Dear Kenichi,

I'v downloaded the precompiled Emacs-23-CvsP080630-EmacsW32-1.58 from the 
following url:  (thanks to Jason Rumney <address@hidden> for telling me this 

Now, I want to use this version to display the cjk ext b characters under 
microsoft windows xp.  I remembered that you've given me the following 
directions for that thing under debian gun/linux:

;; Display the Unicode-SIP:
(if (display-graphic-p)
 (frame-parameter nil 'font)
 '(#x20000 . #x2fa1d)
 '("*-Sun-ExtB" . "unicode-sip")))

;; Display the Unicode-BMP:
(if (display-graphic-p)
(frame-parameter nil 'font)
   '(#x0000 . #xffff)
   '("*-Sun-ExtA" . "unicode-bmp"))) 

I've tried to use the above setting to do that thing, but failed. 

Sincerely yours,                                
Hongyi Zhao <address@hidden> 
Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Science

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