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Re: pcvs log view not functional

From: finalpatch
Subject: Re: pcvs log view not functional
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 11:52:46 +1000

If these commands do not work, i think they probably should be removed from 
the menu bar and C-x h m, because these are the most obvious places to find 
out what the user can do with a buffer.  I would really like to see these 
features working in a pcvs logview though. the ability to select a range in 
the log and diff it is so sweet.

"Stefan Monnier" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
>> i just found that the logview window created from pressing "l" in a pcvs
>> buffer is a bit different from the logview window you get from "C-x v l" 
>> in
>> a source file buffer. all the functions (such as diff, annotate, find
>> version) in the logview menu doesnt work in the pcvs logview.  it's as if 
>> the
>> logview is not linked to the file and logview-mode cannot do anything 
>> with
>> it.
> I guess you tried to use the VC commands in the log view, and indeed
> they do not work.  You need to use the PCL-CVS commands instead if the
> log view comes from PCL-CVS.  The relevant prefix is C-x c, so C-x c =
> will do a diff (IIRC there's a = shortcut for it).  Sadly, PCL-CVS does
> not offer annotate, so that won't help you if you want to annotate
> the revision (tho you can do C-x c o to open the revision and then C-x
> v g to annotate it).
>        Stefan

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