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Re: line-line-move-visual: was line motion problem

From: Vinicius Jose Latorre
Subject: Re: line-line-move-visual: was line motion problem
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 10:46:08 -0300
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FWIW2: whitespace package visualize tabs, (hard) spaces and newlines via display table and/or faces. To visualize as
Framemaker (OpenOffice, Word, etc.), just use display table,
that is: (setq whitespace-style '(space-mark tab-mark newline-mark))

FWIW3: whitespace also toggles display of all text symbols at once.

Sounds good. I didn't try your code; I was just offering some feedback based on
the images you sent, in case it helped.

Feedback, like yours and David's, helps to improve whitespace package.

Please, try whitespace and see what could/should be improved/extended/generalized.

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