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Re: Emacs from HEAD hangs on M$ (built with MinGW)

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Emacs from HEAD hangs on M$ (built with MinGW)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 17:02:39 +0200
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dhruva wrote:
 I just did a 'make bootstrap', emacs freezes but consumes 45% CPU
and becomes non-responsive. I have build using GCC (MinGW) and
running it on WXP.

I see the same thing.

I feel the keyboard is not being read except for C-g sequence.
> I was building emacs with MSVC 2003 till yesterday and had to
> upgrade to MSVC 8 with which emacs does not build. I therefore
> decided to use GCC (MinGW) to build and started seeing these
issues today (may not be related to GCC). I can switch back to
MSVC 2003 as I have removed it!

I think this is not related to GCC. Jason did some changes to finally get the display update on w32 to work fast. I believe he is using MingGW.

Jason did his checkin just some hours before Dan N did his.

It looks like it could be Dan's changes that has broken something on w32.

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