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Re: Release plans

From: Frank Schmitt
Subject: Re: Release plans
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 16:15:18 +0200
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Richard M Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>       Sadly,
>     the freedom in free software doesn't excite most people - Emacs's
>     capabilities do, though.
> Have you seen any cases where that eventually led a person to switch
> from proprietary software to free software?


Emacs (more precisely Gnus) was the first contact I made with free
software. I started using it not because it was free, but because it was
the most powerful newsreader I could find. Now I run a GNU/Linux based
free environment on my home PC, on my PC at work and I installed Linux
on the PCs of my mom (she never ever used proprietary software in her
whole life!) and my wife.

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