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Re: Emacs Package Management

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Emacs Package Management
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 16:58:59 -0600
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>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Eilert <address@hidden> writes:

Stephen> With a slightly improved system, we could have
Stephen> dependencies. This could make easier to solve the
Stephen> aforementioned problem of gathering multiple, independent
Stephen> packages from different sources.

Just FYI -- package.el (the elisp side of ELPA) does handle dependencies.


Stephen> Does anyone see a major flaw in a system like that? Or is it
Stephen> a matter of "show me the code and I'll comment"? ELPA could
Stephen> be the starting point.

There was a discussion a while ago on this list.  RMS wanted to
restrict the available packages to those which had been assigned to
the FSF, but I did not agree with that.

I would reconsider my position if the Emacs maintainers were
interested -- I think it would be useful to Emacs users if there were
a simple, standard way to install and activate packages.

However, this would still not help you directly, because I think some
of the packages you want are not assigned.  So, you would have to
solve that problem as well.


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