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Re: Release plans

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: Release plans
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2008 01:12:10 -0400

    > Have you seen any cases where that eventually led a person to switch
    > from proprietary software to free software?

    Well, that's not a binary thing.  Seeing Emacs has caused people to use
    free software more, and to use more free software.  Many projects I've
    been on have run on a Windows or Unix company network, but have used GCC,
    GNU Make, bash, and friends to build the product.  I've introduced quite
    a few people to Emacs, the odd one or two to GAWK, ...., and they're
    probably still using them.  One or two are probably using GNU/Linux on
    their home PCs, too.

More use of some free programs is a kind of partial success that falls
short of our goal.  All else being equal, it is better if Windows and Unix
users compile with GCC than if they compile with a proprietary compiler.
But that isn't our goal, it just gets part way there.

That is why I asked if you have ever seen such cases lead to real success:
a person liberated from proprietary software?

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