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Re: Report the evolution of Emacs Lisp sources.

From: A Soare
Subject: Re: Report the evolution of Emacs Lisp sources.
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 12:14:45 +0200 (CEST)

>    In this moment, the only method to see how the code of emacs
>    evaluated is `diff'.
> Do you mean to say "evolved" instead of "evaluated"?

evolved, thanks.

>    One can show the differences, by comparing the internal
>    representation of the lisp code tree of 2 versions. I saw this
>    idea for the C code here: [CIL-based AST-diff tool]
>    An advantage of this method would be to report only one when
>    the name of a variable changes. This method will also ignore to
>    report the null-effect characters like blanks or empty new
>    lines. diff reports everything.

>    What do you think, it would be useful such a tool to make
>    reports of lisp code changes? Maybe I will try it, but it might
>    be _realy_ useful?
> Well, there's a lot of noise possible discussing "might be useful"
> (see other threads), so i'll just say that personally i would love
> to have a tool that could intuit and summarize changes, to help
> generate ChangeLog entries.  [dreaming...]  I could hook it up to
> a visualization program[0] and make annotated movies, w/ voice
> commentary...

Yes, it could generate a simple prototype for change logs... as application. 
When you cut, add, or modify an old structure  it will immediately see that. 
But note that if you work on version X from the day x, you must keep the 
original from the day x, otherwise it will detect in your report the changes 
made by others!

Alin Soare.


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