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more default-fonts-with-multiple-frames brokenness

From: Miles Bader
Subject: more default-fonts-with-multiple-frames brokenness
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 14:28:00 +0900

(1) start emacs -Q

(2) select menu item: options > set default font

(3) select some other font, e.g. "courier new" (the exact font doesn't
    seem to matter) and hit "OK"

(4) create a new frame with: C-x 5 2

On my system, this always results in the new frame's default font being
bold+italic (the original frame had a normal non-italic, non-bold font,
both before and after using "options > set default font").  If I then
try to use "options > set default font" again in the new frame to fix
it, I can't (I can select a new non-italic, non-bold font and hit OK,
but it has no effect).

The behavior only seems to happen after I've changed the default font in
the original frame (if I make a new frame without doing that, there's no
problem).  It doesn't seem to depend on the exact font either; the same
thing seems to happen with all the fonts I've tried.



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